Wise Old Man

Wise Old Man

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  131. Christine on Excellent interview! I was looking forward to it and was not disappointed. You always seem to ask the right questions to get people really talking about things. I went to hear Sammy speak about the book that weekend and went to the book signings. He is such a genuine guy, he really is an inspiration to all of his fans. I hope he realizes that he has made a real difference in so many people’s lives. Thanks for a great interview.

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  147. i like your writings and incite John…..only disagree on the Han Hoffman thing. i would collect his work. keep me posted on your work. maybe see you at Art Basel this Dec?

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  149. Good comments, I wonder if many of those working outside of the MH/SA world have the training, mindset or diligence you wrote about? I would guess very few, thanks for your dedication and effort in the lives of people in recovery.

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  191. What a difference it makes when we can finally “I love you” to ourselves and really mean it. Lately I’ve been ending my journal entries with this compassionate note: “I love you, I forgive you.” Sometimes I include some more words of encouragement. So different than yammering on and on about all the things I wish I’d done differently!

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