The Masked Model

The Masked Model

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  142. RE-Georgia 3-4 Sec Meteor 9:30 pm EDT 25MAR2011Guest307 (guest): Did anyone else see/report a sighting in Georgia tonight? I saw something that I assume was a meteorite just before 9:30 PM Eastern time, in the eastern sky. It was white and very bright and was visible for at least 3-4 seconds before it disappeared on the horizon.Saw this around the same time as you. it seem to be moving slower than most Ive seen in the past and very bright..i live about 30 miles south of Macon GA.

  143. Thanks for that, Amelia. Again, far as I can tell, this is legit. To everyone else: if it wasn’t made by the WTS, why did they have it removed initially?Amelia, if you’d like to send me the file, I will post them to add to the legitimacy of the video.

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  220. I love it. This helped me see that an issue I was having with someone was not actually because of the circumstance. Like you say:100% of Andrew Strauss’ feeling of pressure was coming from his moment-to-moment thinking;that is so true, but only 100% of the pressure!And there is just so very very much INNOCENCE when believing that thinking and for the interviewer too. So much innocence.Thank you!

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  234. Indeed, that weird Dutch appeasers-logic: not the criminal causes crime, its the victim that shouldn’t have given the opportunity, and now must pay the damage.Another choice would’ve been to make a theatre play with that drawing as a poster. A Tunesian Muslim had made for his theatre play in Belgium a few years ago. He survived!

  235. I was hesitant to read the Mitford series books, too, but truly loved every one of them. I agree that there aren’t that many good Christian fiction books out there, but I do love the writings of Francine Rivers. She’s got a gift.

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